Working as a journalist or news seeker is certainly not just knowing to write and report an event. More than that, journalists must understand the journalistic code of ethics about the accuracy of the news, the privacy of the informants, the testing of information, the rights of informants, and so forth. If you want to find out the professional or experienced journalist who will inspire you, see his profile here.

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There are no easy jobs and also become a journalist. Besides being needed courage, being a journalist also requires commitment and passion to channel news that is accurate and suitable for consumption by the wider community. If you just report without testing, then anyone can certainly become a journalist.

The risk of death

When doing coverage assignments in a place where there is a riot or natural disaster, you must be prepared to face unexpected things, including death. In fact, not only soldiers are willing to die for the country. journalists must also be willing to die for the news. So if you don’t really want to be a journalist, it’s better not to.

Work in a demanding industry

Not like in an office with certain working hours. As a journalist you will be required to always be ready and alert. Whenever, wherever, whatever you do, how you feel, all that must be left to get exclusive news from the scene directly. the journalist works in industries that are demanding including time, speed and certainty of energy.

Rarely do you find the name of the weekend

For a journalist, weekends may not be a weekend. You must always be alert and ready to cover even on weekends. Even though this seems tiring, but you who are passionate, you are sure to be happy to continue working. Even on weekends.

Familiar with stress, especially deadlines

Journalists are always in a constant deadline. This kind of pressure must be stressful and resentful. If there is an incident that must be covered at that time, the media you work for must compete with speed to become the first media to publish. At times like this, you will be very familiar with what is called stress.

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