Coffee Brewing Mistakes To Never Make

Do you want to get the maximum coffee taste? You can buy coffee beans online and puree yourself when you want to brew. Because the coffee powder is easily stale if not stored properly. Do you feel the brewed coffee itself feels less delicious good life coffee? The following are the common mistakes some people make when brewing the coffee.

The coffee you bought is not fresh

When buying coffee, it’s better to ask the seller first. When is the coffee harvested and when it is roasted. The reason is, one way to find out that the coffee is still fresh and delicious is that the coffee is harvested about six months later and has been baked in a few weeks. So when you choose coffee beans that have been roasted for a long time, you can be sure the coffee is not fresh.

Buy poor quality coffee

Material and quality are the keys to the enjoyment of coffee drinks. If you want to feel the real pleasure of coffee. Buy the best quality coffee.

The dose is not right

If you want to make a cake, of course, the dosage and the amount of flour must be accurately measured. Likewise with coffee, if you want to make delicious coffee, the dose of the coffee must be right and not excessive. Well, the right amount of a cup of delicious coffee is about 60 grams of coffee mixed with 178ml of water.

Brew coffee with hot water

For coffee to be more enjoyable, start by brewing coffee using hot water. This hot temperature will help bring out the maximum aroma of coffee. Of course, you have to use the right brewing the dose. It doesn’t need an expensive espresso machine to make coffee delicious. Only using a kettle filter, a cup of coffee can be drunk directly. At present, many coffee kettles are found in various supermarkets.

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