When distributing products for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is necessary to take into account exactly which products and quantity of this or that family member needs  depending on age and profession. All this makes you think about how to build food, how to distribute food during the day, what to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The morning breakfast must first be satisfying it may consist of meat or fish boiled or fried, eggs, cheese, bread, tea, coffee or milk. It is useful in the morning to eat porridge (oatmeal, buckwheat, millet) with milk or butter, as well as fruit. Lunch

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Three to four hours after the start of work  may include one hot dish, preferably vegetable (casserole, stews, burgers, etc.), sandwiches and tea (either coffee or milk). Can be recommended for second breakfast also sausages or wieners.

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Lunchis advisable some time after the end of the work, when the body has already had time to relax and has a good appetite. Lunch may consist of three dishesthe first  meat, vegetable or fish soupthe second meat, fish or vegetable dishes in stewed or fried form and the third (sweet) compote, jelly, cake or fruit. To know more about Dairy Queen Breaekfast Menu.

If for the first meal they cook meat soup (soup, borsch, pickle with meat, etc.), then the main course should be easier  from vegetables, cereals or fishon the contrary, if one chooses a lighter first dish (broth with vegetables or cream soup), then the second one is used to prepare something more satisfying a dish of meat or fish with a side dish. Dairy Queen Breakfast Menusare always affordable and pocket friendly. It Lures People in and At DQ Breakfast.Menu Prices Geniegivesyou the entire menu along with the prices of each item so you can be prepared before visiting you nearest DQ !

Breakfast in hotels is included in the price. This is not the feast of the stomach to which tourists are accustomed to in Turkey. It can be American (hot dishes, cold dishes, fruits, juices, sweets) and served in a buffet or continental (tea, coffee, buns, cheese, butter, jam). Breakfast is served from 7 to 9 in the morning. If you come to the hotel with a child, Dairy Queen offers BB (breakfast). This is due to the fact that many guests of the northern capital prefer to dine and dine in cozy inexpensive restaurants, which are not considered in the city. Those who do not want to spend time searching for places for lunch and dinner should opt for hotels with the option of catering HB (breakfast, dinner), FB (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Also a worthy alternative can be a hotel with a kitchenette.Taking into account the fact that on average prices are higher than Spanish prices.

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