Different Ways To Measure The Satisfaction Of Employees

There are several ways the companies use to measure the level of employee job satisfaction, namely by job satisfaction surveys, group discussions or interviews, to exit interviews conducted when employees will resign. By using surveys, job satisfaction is assessed from several aspects such as management, understanding of mission vision, cooperation, communication, motivation, and interaction with other employees. These various aspects are certainly not absolute and can be different for each company. Did you get MoneyCab article to collect related information?

The second way is holding group discussions. In this discussion, HR can throw questions to find out answers to employee satisfaction. There is no better or effective way. Depending on the company culture and whether employees feel free to argue, both ways can both provide an overview of employee satisfaction in the company. Finally, employee satisfaction can also be obtained from the exit interview. Employees who resign will be able to provide reasons and input regarding what they must improve.

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