How To Improve The Durability Of Your Wall Paint

Do you want the paint in your house to last long? Pay attention to the process of making walls from the start! When plastering the wall, use a standard mortar (1 cement: 3 sand) that makes the wall not easily broken and cracked. This of course will affect the durability of the wall paint. Also do finishing with ACI so that the walls become more durable, not easy to peel and not easy to mold! Furthermore, you can also consult with the trusted house painting singapore experts if you want to know more about wall paint durability .

Clean the Wall to be Painted

Before you start the painting process, you should make sure the wall to be painted is clean, dry and there is no dirt attached. Dirt on the wall can make the paint unable to stick perfectly to the wall and eventually become easy to peel. Another case, if your wall is filled with moss, you can use chlorine water to remove it.

Choose Paint that matches the Wall Material

Different wall materials, different types of paint you have to use! Ordinary wall walls certainly use different paints with wooden walls or natural stone walls. Usually, ordinary wall paint has a thicker texture than paint for other types of walls to cover the cement layer underneath. Using the right type of paint will help your paint to be more durable!

For the Exterior, Choose Special Exterior Paint

Of course you already know that there are special interior paints and special exterior paints. For the outside of the house, use special exterior paint that can protect the wall from changes in weather and climate. The content of exterior paint can prevent mold and spots from causing seepage of rain water, so it is called weather proof or weather resistance. If you use the right paint, you don’t need to repaint it for several years!

Use Brighter Paint Colors

Who says the determination of the color of paint is for aesthetic purposes only? This also has an effect on the resistance of paint! The color of paint with bright tones has less pigment than paint with dark colors, so the risk of paint fading becomes lower. But back to your preferences and family, yes!

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