Important Things To Keep In Mind When You Plan To Renovate The Bathroom

When you get bathroom renovations guides, you will know how to determine the right job to do. In other words, you know what’s the first step to go through, even more, if you don’t hire the bathroom renovation contractor. The following are the important things you must keep in mind whenever you have a plan to do the bathroom remodel or renovation.


The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, but in it there is a lot of furniture or equipment that must be there. Well, make sure you get the actual size of the bathroom, the location of plumbing and septic tanks, cables, and the size of equipment, such as cabinets, glass, toilet, bath tub, and sink. Of course, nothing is more frustrating and tiring than buying equipment that doesn’t fit in your bathroom.


Consider again, whether you will use contractor staff or do your own minimalist home renovation project. If a lot of complicated things have to be moved (such as electricity, pipelines, etc.), you should use experienced contracting personnel. See the previous article about tips on choosing a minimalist home remodeling contractor.


There is no complete minimalist home remodeling project without repairs to the plumbing. In fact, this task may require self-planning and must be done by a special contractor who is already experienced. The reason is that the water pipe business is not only a matter of underground pipes to septic tanks or final disposal, but also involves other elements in the bathroom, such as bath tubs, washbasins, taps, showers, toilets and even shower taps.

Walls and Floors

Actually, the choice of materials for the bathroom floor and walls varies greatly; it’s just that, make sure you choose materials that are waterproof, depending on the budget you have and the style you want. Materials that are popularly used for bathroom walls and floors include ceramics, marble and granite, because they are known to be durable and can hold water well.

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