Note These Three Things When Playing Golf

One sport that attracts many people’s attention and is a very fun activity is golf. There are lots of places to play golf that you can choose from and you can visit to experience a comfortable golf game. One place you can visit to play golf is a phuket golf. Playing golf is indeed a fun activity and can release fatigue.

However, when playing golf there are various things that you should pay attention to and do so that these activities run smoothly. Some things that must be considered are

1. Pay attention to the surroundings
When you have your stick held and you are ready to hit, make sure it is around you. Not only are there a few meters in front of you, but it must be far ahead that the situation is safe. Don’t hit the ball until you are sure that up to hundreds of meters ahead, there is no one in front of you.
In addition to the purpose of the punch, you must pay attention to the situation on your right and left side before hitting the stick, not to miss it when you do the punching exercise. Especially if in your group there are small golfers waiting in line as well.

2. Heads Up
You understand how to play golf safely and pay attention to the surroundings, but you also need to understand that not every golfer will obey. You still need to pay attention to your friend when he is playing, even though it is not being hit. Always keep a safe distance with other golfers when he will swing his stick.

3. Never Hit The Direction In Front Of You
This must be understood by all golfers right? If you are truly emotional towards someone, isn’t that unethical if you hit a ball that floats to your target?
Instead of doing so, take a deep breath. Remind yourself that right now you are playing golf, and do not risk hurting someone far in front of you.

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