The Different Types Of Wood Stain

There are two types of wood stain based on the ingredients. They are wood stain made of water and also wood stain made from a solvent. Both have different effects and also have different advantages. Wood stain solvent is a finishing material made of oil where thinner is used as the solvent. The price of wood stain solvents on the market is indeed cheaper, but you also have to take into account how much thinner you should buy. You may wonder to visit the homepage of our website when you choose only the best quality wood stain.

Wood-based water based only requires water as a solvent. You don’t need to spend more money to buy water than with thinner. You don’t need to buy in large quantities. Solvent wood stain is famous for ingredients that contain high heavy metals such as formalin, mercury, and lead. You can get dangerous diseases if you don’t pay attention to these things. If you use wood-based water based there is no heavy metal contained in it so that it will not cause health hazards.

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