These Are Two Tips for Cleaning Apartment Rugs

In your home, of course, there are many accessories or decorations that can add to the atmosphere of the house to be warmer. One of the home accessories that make the atmosphere of the house warm and comfortable is the carpet. In fact, there are now many types of carpets that you can choose for each room in your home. What must always be considered is the cleanliness of the carpet. Use services from Tile Cleaning North Shore so that the cleanliness of your carpet can be maximized so there are no more germs and bacteria there

If you live in an apartment, carpet is certainly an accessory that is always used, because the carpet can certainly dampen the noise from around your apartment. There are several ways you can use to wash the apartment carpet you have. Some of the ways referred to here are

1. Clean the carpet with a shaving cream
Shaving cream can be the best carpet cleaner for carpet stains. Use shaving cream to the stain on your carpet and leave it for about 30 minutes. Then, don’t forget to dry it using the dry cloth in that area. Finish by spraying one part of vinegar mixed with one part of water and wipe the solution with a cloth.

2. Heat the wax stains
Using candles in an apartment can cause stains on the carpet that can dry quickly and stick. You can heat the carpet to remove the remaining wax. Place the white cloth as an ironing pad, then place the iron on the top of the wax stain to heat it. Then lift the remaining candles with the knife. When done, put the cloth on the carpet surface and iron again. Do not use a hot iron on the carpet for more than 30 seconds because of the risk of burning the carpet.

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