This Is The Reason Alcohol Can Cause Depression In Someone

Consuming alcohol is indeed a common thing for many people. however, the thing you need to pay attention to is whether the consumption of alcohol you are doing is in accordance with your body’s resistance to alcohol or not. Because a person’s resistance to alcohol is different. Another thing you also need to pay attention to is whether you are addicted to alcohol or not at all. If you are addicted to alcohol, all you need is an addiction treatment center. with proper care, then you can get your normal life back.

If you feel addicted to alcohol, then you will look for alcohol every time. The bad effect is that you can get drunk and all your activities are disturbed because of the condition. In fact, there are some diseases that will attack you when you consume too much alcohol.

One disease that can attack you is depression. Why? Someone who is in a frantic feeling will easily consume alcohol because he considers it as one drink that can relax and not think of many things. In fact, that is a big mistake.

Serious alcohol abuse and depression are interconnected about one-third of people with depressive disorders generally also have problems with alcohol. This can happen because they always drink. Alcohol acts as a depressant, meaning that it can worsen depression.
Alcohol also causes brain damage and can cause depression. Basically, even if you consider alcohol as a medicine, it should never be used to treat yourself or escape from life problems.

Not to mention the various other diseases, such as cancer, and liver damage. At heart damage. This is because the first organ needed when you swallow alcohol is the liver because alcohol is metabolized by the liver. When you consume alcohol, it causes damage and even kills liver cells.
By paying attention to some of the dangers of chronic diseases that can arise due to drinking alcoholic beverages, we should avoid consuming them, because health is expensive and very valuable.

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