Tips For Maintaining The Automatic Watches

Even though automatic watches have an average Power Reserve of up to 48 hours, that doesn’t mean we can let the automatic watch not be moved even if only for a short time. By moving the automatic watch even if only for a moment, it will help the rotor save power and ensure that the engine on the automatic watch is well maintained. Apart from that, check out the best shinola watch as well.

Next, avoid using automatic watches when doing sports that require continuous hand movement with arms, such as field tennis, table tennis, or basketball. Because continuous hand movement can interfere with the automatic movement mechanism of the clock designed for everyday arm movements. In addition, the possibility for automatic watches to hit while doing sports is also very large, so it is advisable not to use automatic watches when doing strenuous exercise like this.

Lastly, for automatic watches that still use manual winding, you are required to rotate the crown clockwise to charge the automatic watch rotor. However, the development of technology, manual winding features began to be replaced by new features created by Seiko. You only need to move (shake) your automatic watch periodically to keep the rotor still saving energy.

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